Therapy Dog Vests For Large Dogs

therapy dog vests for large dogs
A typical large Therapy Dog weighs over 30 pounds and has a girth measurement over 23".
Below please find the products for these larger Therapy Dogs.
For instructions on measuring your dog click here.


Therapy dogs are becoming increasingly popular for their use in hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, schools, and disaster recovery areas. The sight of a therapy dog seems to immediately comfort individuals in stressful situations.

At, we have been providing therapy dogs with high quality vests for years. We know how important it is for your therapy dog to look as professional as possible. We are committed to making your your dog feel as comfortable as possible. On top of that we also offer quick shipping to get you your products fast.

A THERAPY DOG VEST IS A COMFORTABLE, CONVENIENT FIT is the only therapy dog vest provider on the Web who offers you vests for dogs of every size. This ensures your therapy dog is comfortable in his vest and without movement restriction. All of our vests feature highly adjustable chest and girth straps to find that comfortable “perfect fit” for your therapy dog’s size.

You can also use our Vest Selector Tool to help you find the right size of vest for your therapy dog. This tool takes you step-by-step to narrow down your dog’s specific measurements, allowing you to determine which vest will fit best


We offer many different styles of therapy dog vests to help you meet your needs. The right vest, combined with our other products, can provide your dog with an ideal therapy dog appearance. From padded therapy dog vests with an added ID badge holder to our best-selling reflective vest, you can find a product that will exceed your needs while adding utility and convenience with its features. Here are just a few standout vests among our premium selection:

  • Mesh Therapy Dog Vest – Durable and comfortable with a paw print “Therapy Dog” patch
  • Padded Therapy Dog Vest – Weather-resistant, ready-to-wear with a built-in ID holder pocket
  • Reflective Vest – Easy-to-see, ID badge holder and zipper pocket, your choice of over 36 patches


We offer more premium therapy dog patches than any other provider of therapy dog vests. These patches help you to offer an easily identifiable indication to the public that your dog is helping you. Each vest comes with your choice of a free patch that states your dog’s function as a “Therapy Dog.” We offer the widest range of therapy dog patches anywhere, so you can attach multiple patches onto your dog’s vest. We will gladly sew on these additional patches free of charge, allowing you to purchase as many patches as needed.

A therapy dog offers a comforting presence. It is important to choose the right type of vest for him to wear while out in public.