Service Dog Identification Is Not Required

Service Dog Identification is not required

According to the laws outlined in the Americans with disabilities act, commonly referred to as the ADA,  a person with a disability is not required to present documentation for their Service Dog.

You may be wondering then, “Why do I need a vest and Identification for my Service Dog?”

When you are entering an establishment where dogs are typically restricted you will likely be stopped and questioned. Recent studies have shown 97% of Service Dogs handlers entering a business or establishment with a Service Dog that was NOT wearing a vest were stopped and questioned. 

While vests and harnesses are not required they can make daily life virtually hassle free. A Service Dog vest is the number one suggested piece of for a Service Dog equipment. The second most important identification is an ID Badge, although not required under the ADA, is often requested by merchants and shop owners.

By law, you are not obligated to have any of these types of identification because your verbal assurance is all that’s required. Unfortunately handlers are often asked for Identification or Certification even when the dog is wearing a Service Dog Vest.

It is the individual choice of each Service Dog handler to either stand their ground with verbal assurance only or identify the dog for ease of entry and travel. Whichever you choose it is important to know and understand your rights under the Americans With Disabilities Act.