Service Dog ID Cards

Service Dog ID Cards

High Quality Identification Cards For Dogs & Handlers

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Customized - Emergency Contact PVC Wallet Card
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Free Service Dog Registration Number - Custom ID, Shield & Wallet
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Service Dog - Full Access - Plastic Collar Tag
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When attached to a service dog vest or hanging from a badge holder, a service dog ID card serves a critical function. Conflicts may arise between you and others who may object to your bringing your service dog into public areas, even when your animal is allowed full access by ADA law. As long as your service animal is providing you with disability assistance, service dog cards can help alleviate some of these conflicts by providing personalized identification for your animal.

Handing out a service dog ID card is not required by ADA law. However, having one on hand to pass out to inquiring members of the public can help you avoid confrontations and anxiety. You are not obligated to provide these products to anyone, but like service dog vests they can make it easier to be out in public. They can be an invaluable resource to you, and one you should seriously consider making sure you keep on your person at all times.


We at offer ID cards for both service dogs and handlers. These make it easy to identify that your dog is a working service dog and is not a pet. You can customize your service dog ID card to your service dog’s specifications. When making your order, you will provide us with your name, your service dog’s name, your city and state, as well as your choice of heading, which states what your dog helps you with. These can include Service Dog, Guide Dog, Hearing Dog, Seizure Alert Dog, and many others. Whatever kind of assistance your service dog provides you with, your ID card will help to convey this information clearly.


We take pride in offering you products made of above average quality. Our service dog ID cards are not made from laminated pieces of paper - we print each service dog card on durable PVC that can easily withstand daily use. These cards are not much different in size to the credit cards you carry on a daily basis, making them ideal to carry in your wallet, purse, pocket, or elsewhere on your person.

All of our ID cards and badges for service dogs and handlers have the United States Federal Law printed on the back for easy reference. The law allows your service dog to accompany you into restaurants, buildings, hospitals, planes, and other public property.


We want to make sure you have your ID card at all times. We offer many service dog accessories that can help make this easier, including a nylon ID card badge holder, and ID badge clip, flexible loop strap, lanyard, or even duplicate cards. All our personalized ID cards will fit in these badge holders and clips. Wear them around your neck, on your shirt, or attach them to your service dog’s vest or harness for easy access. You can use these cards to help others understand that you and this animal have a working relationship.

Please remember that it is illegal to represent your dog as a service animal if it is not.