Taking your Emotional Support Dog with you in public provides you with a companion animal who can help minimize any symptoms – such as anxiety - caused by a psychological or emotional condition. Although companion animals are becoming an increasingly common sight, you may come across stressful situations with people who may dispute your ESAs presence. For these type’s of situations, equipping your ESA with a tag, ID or vest can provide the public with a clear indication that your dog is actually an ESA.

An emotional support animal tag can serve as a capable indicator that your dog is serving you as a companion animal, not a pet. With the wide variety of emotional support dog tags available to you from WorkingServiceDog.com, you will find the tools you need to display your companion dog’s status.


Outfitting your dog with an ESA dog vest helps provide the public with a clear indication that your dog is not a pet. However, adding an emotional support dog tag to the vest can help reinforce this image; the messages on these tags present in big, bold text that can easily be read by members of the discerning public. These tags can also show the specific function your companion animal serves such as:

  • “Disabled Veteran”
  • “Emotional Support Animal”
  • “Battle Buddy”
  • “P.T.S.D. Dog”
  • “I’m Friendly Please Pet Me”
  • “In Training”

The emotional support animal tags from WorkingServiceDog.com are 2-sided for convenient display of your companion animal’s status and support role. They are easily viewed from any angle, enabling a clear understanding between you and members of the public.


We offer a number of quality products to meet the needs of the service dog and companion dog community. This includes a variety of patch tags for emotional support dogs at all stages of training. We’ve developed new products to help those that are taking on the task of training animals on how to be proper ESAs. Our line of “Companion dogs in training” items play a vital role in the training of an ESA, as it can take time for your animal to learn how to best accommodate your needs. As such, it’s important to make the distinction that your dog is still in training to the public, and you can accomplish this easily with an “In Training” clip-on patch tag. Once your animal has “graduated” from his training, all you have to do is remove the “In Training” tag and attach one of our other patch tags.

Please note: You are not required to train your emotional support dog to gain the benefits of his assistance. However, fitting your dog with an “In Training” emotional support animal tag can be helpful when you take him into public places. The “In Training” patch tag can show others that your dog is still learning how to best provide you with mental and emotional assistance.


We at WorkingServiceDog.com make our patches from quality materials to get you products that last. All our durable, heavy fabric patches are bound by thick thread finishing. The swivel snap hook hardware of each clip-on makes attaching these patch tags to your dog’s collar, vest D-ring, carrier, or bag simple and convenient.

It is illegal to represent your dog as a service animal if it is not one. We at WorkingServiceDog.com encourage you to contact the U.S. Department of Justice if you have questions or wish to seek information on what qualifies your animal as a service or emotional support animal.