Shelter Dog To ESA Amid Covid19

While most businesses and organizations are suffering during this crisis, pet shelters are booming. While most people have found themselves spending much of their time at home amid the coronavirus pandemic, pet shelters are seeing a tremendous spike in both adopting and fostering. Shelters around the country are emptying out and with volunteers unable to help care for these animals, the timing couldn’t be better. Isolation is leading to loneliness and depression, leaving many looking for a companion during these uncertain times.

We are receiving a surge of calls requesting information on how to make these new pets their Emotional Support Animals. It may be the perfect storm where people are becoming depressed due to isolation and depending on their new pet for comfort.

Emotional Support Animals are defined as animals, typically dogs, that provide comfort as well as a therapeutic benefit to their owner.

It’s a bright moment during a dark time where two very important needs are being met by each other.

We are here to help with any questions you may have.

Stay safe.