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Is there a size limit for Service Dogs

Big Jobs for Small Service Dogs
Although there is discrimination for the small working dog the ADA does not allow for service dog weight restrictions whether the dog is 4 pounds or 200 pounds. In this article […]

How to get Service Dog Registration

How to get Service Dog Registration?
The ADA clearly states registration is not required and that your verbal assurance is all that’s needed, there are many benefits provided to you by registering your Service Dog learn more [...]

Service Animal Air Transportation Form

Service Animal Air Transportation Form
Individuals traveling by air with a Service Animal must fill out a form provided by The Department of Transportation, find out how.

Official service dog vest color?

Have you ever wondered or been asked what is the official service dog vest color? This article will answer that question for you.

Where to buy a Service Dog Vest

Where to buy a Service Dog Vest?
You are looking for a Service Dog vest and decide to search the internet for where you can find one near you and you come up empty.  Here is why  [...]

The myths and truths about Emotional Support Dog Registries
The myths & Truths about E.S.A. Registries

There are dozens of websites with misleading names that sound like governmental agencies because they begin with “United States” or end with a “.org”. Myths and Truths are uncovered […]

Do Service Dogs have to wear a vest

Do Service Dogs have to wear a vest?
We are often asked if service dogs are required to wear a vest when out in public. You may be surprised to learn the answer to this question. […]

How to get an esa letter

How do you get an ESA Letter?
Why do I need a Dr's note for flying on an airplane? Why do I need a Dr's note for housing with my ESA? All these questions and more will be answered [...]

patriotic service dog vests and accessories

Patriotic Vests and Accessories
We offer a full line of products in honor of our great nation. Requests for products that show patriotism is overwhelming […]

Working Service Dog Services for Trainers and Organizations
Services for Trainers and Orgs.

We take great pride in offering our services and products to all organizations and trainers large and small. We look forward to hearing from you!

mesh service dog vest

Cool Mesh Vests for the Summer
Dehydration and overheating can seriously endanger your dog’s health, a mesh vests is a must have for your dog [...]

is that service dog real?

‘That’s a fake Service Dog!
The disadvantages of a disability that cannot be seen. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

is my dog a service dog or emotional support dog

Is my dog a Service Dog or Emotional Support Animal?
Many people believe ESA’s and Service Dogs are the same, when in fact they are not interchangeable in title, tasks or rules and regulations. This article explains [...]

Shelter Dog To Emotional Support Animal amid Covid19
Shelter Dog To Emotional Support Animal

Here’s a silver lining during the Corona Virus (COVID-19) Pandemic of 2020 [...]

Service Dog Identification Is Not Required
Service Dog Identification Is Not Required

You may be wondering then, “Why do I need a vest and Identification for my Service Dog?” [...]