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Service Dog Full Access PVC ID Card
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Service Dog Leash
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Pet Alert - Pet Safety Window Cling - 2 Pack
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At, we are dedicated to providing you with service dog accessories to help make your life more convenient. These items add comfort and accessibility in your daily outings with your service dog. Whether your service dog is helping you around your home or assisting you in public, our quality service dog equipment can help make your life easier.


Service dog accessories serve two important functions: to supplement the aid your service dog provides for your disability and to identify your dog as a service animal. Our service dog accessories and equipment include engraved ID tags, leashes, training ropes, window decals, ID badge holders, and more. As with all our products, we are a direct to consumer manufacturer with a US-based facility. We make our service dog equipment from quality materials to ensure you’re getting products you can count on. Combined with our 2-day shipping on most of our products, you will have everything you need for your service dog.


We carry a complete line of service dog accessories for your convenience, for use indoors or outdoors, and in any location. Our window decals can be applied to any smooth surface, including painted wood, plastic, glass, and metal. When you apply these decals to a window in your house or car, you are alerting visitors that your dog is a service animal and not a pet. These decals are professionally die-cut and are vibrant enough to be visible from a distance. We also provide you with service dog “Do Not Disturb” doorknob hangers for when you are away from home. Ideal for hotels, resorts, cruise ships, or anywhere else you may desire privacy, these hangers preserve your privacy by alerting housekeeping staff that you do not wish to be disturbed and that you have a service animal in the room.

Under ADA law, your service dog must be kept under control. This means that your service dog must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered at all times, unless these accessories interfere with your dog’s ability to provide you with aid. We at offer many dog leashes to help you meet the ADA’s requirements. These include training leashes, which can adjust to accommodate a variety of lengths, as well as hands-free leashes that attach directly to your service dog. A service dog leash can help keep your service dog attuned to your needs and also helps to satisfy Federal law.


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) gives you the right to have your service dog accompany you into any public facility. However, it is likely that you will come across those who do not understand your rights. We offer many service dog accessories to help educate those who may question your rights in a way that avoids confrontation. Please note that while you are not required to provide this information, you may find that doing so helps make traveling with your service dog easier and hassle-free.

We offer cards printed with the ADA Federal law to hand out at your convenience. These come in packs of 20 and are the size and quality of normal business cards. These cards clearly state “Full Access Required,” as well as the telephone numbers for the Department of Justice and the Department of Transportation. When you combine the usefulness of these cards with the visual cues provided by a service dog vest, you will have all the right accessories and equipment to identify your dog as a working service dog.