ESA Vests for Small Dogs

emotional support dog vests for small dogs
A typical small Emotional Support Animal weighs under 30 pounds and has a girth measurement under 23".
Below please find the products for these smaller Emotional Support Animals.
For instructions on measuring your dog click here.

Working Service Dog offers the largest selection of Emotional Support Dog vests for small dogs.

A small Emotional Support Dog is one that is typically under 30 pounds, with a girth of less than 23”. Large ESA’s can wear padded vests with larger buckles while smaller dogs require a more comfortable, lightweight, less restrictive vest.  Working Service Dog has crafted a collection of vests specifically designed for small emotional support dogs.

The Premium Small ESA Mesh Vest is offered with a large metallic Emotional Support Animal patch and includes a D-Ring leash attachment. This harness features  a mesh material to allow for comfort and cooling.

Our Cape Style Small Emotional Support Dog vest  includes your choice of two patches. This vest is loose fitting and meant for clearly identifying a small Emotional Support Animal. Becuase of its soft material and elimination of buckles and leash attachments, this cape style vest is perfect for your dog that will be laying on you during a flight.

Emotional Support Animals do not require any special training, their job is to provide comfort, love and companionship to their owner.

While it is not a requirement it is suggested your dog be identified with an Emotional Support Animal vest, ESA ID card or with an ESA certificate.  We have created ESA packages with our most popular items.