Cool Mesh Vests For The Summer

mesh service dog vest

Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer with a Mesh Working Dog Vest

Summer is right around the corner and your Service Dog or Emotional Support Dog needs to be prepared for the warmer weather. A mesh service dog vest is the perfect way to combat summer dangers, such as dehydration and overheating, that could  harm your dog.

Mesh  dog vests are lightweight, making them perfect for when your  accompanies you on outdoor adventures during the summer.

Beat the Heat and Humidity with a Mesh Service Dog  or Emotional Support Vest

During summer months the heat can become unbearable in every state but in some parts of the U.S., such as the southern regions it can be far worse due to the  high humidity during the summer. While this may be uncomfortable for humans, just imagine how miserable the humidity could make your dog. Add a vest on top of a fur coat and there’s a good chance you will end up with overheated animal.

A mesh dog harness, which is made from a lightweight, breathable material can help to eliminate some of the excess heat and make it easier for the dog to cool off. Its mesh material allows for airflow to help cool the body, this is a feature a traditional vest do not offer

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Features of the Mesh Service Dog Vest

A mesh Service Dog vest or Emotional Support vest keeps your dog comfortable while clearly identifying your dog as a working dog.

Some Features of our mesh vest include;

An oversized identifying patch - Choose from a Service Dog, Emotional Support animal or  Therapy Dog Patch. This patch will come pre-sewn to your new customized mesh vest.

Reflective Stripping – Some vests offer a reflective safety strip for nighttime visibility.

Heavy D-Ring – Attach an ID card or leash to the mesh dog vest with this heavy-duty D-ring.

Adjustable Straps –These vests offer adjustable chest and girth straps for a snug but comfortable fit.

mesh service dog vest


Order your Mesh Vest today.

Plan for the heat before it arrives to ensure your working dog is comfortable during the heat of the summer!

mesh service dog vest