How to get an ESA Letter?

ESA Sample Doctors Letter

Why do I need a Dr.’s note for housing with my ESA?

According to the ADA and the FHA (Americans with Disabilities Act and the Fair Housing Act) a letter from a Mental Health Professional must be presented to the landlord and or management company to have your pet excluded from any pet policies they may have in place.   

Qualifying for an ESA.

Anxiety disorders are the number one most common mental illness in the US affecting almost 20% of the population according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

If you are reading this, you are aware of some of the powerful benefits animals play on our lives. Dogs can reduce stress, elevated depression and anxiety. They can also encourage their owner to walk, exercise or even play which can lead to purpose for someone struggling with a mental illness.

Anxiety is just one of the many illnesses a person may suffer from to benefit from an ESA.

Extensive research conducted by the American Heart Association has linked owning a pet reduced the risk of heart disease and have increased longevity.

Here are some ways to ask for an ESA letter;

“I have a friend who suffers from depression and she has an ESD, do you think that’s something that might help me?”

“I emotionally suffer due to loneliness when in my home. The apartment I live in does not allow for pets. I have heard there is an Emotional Support Animal letter which can be written to allow a pet to live with me in my home, would you be willing to write such a letter?”

It will need to be written on your Dr.’s letterhead with his or her information on it.

The letter expires after one year, it will need to be reissued yearly.

The letter should state that this dog is part of a treatment to assist you with your disability.

Most Dr.’s and therapists treat their patients traditionally and may have never thought of a pet being used as part of their patient’s treatment plan, but research has shown over and over the therapeutic benefits pets provide.  

Working Service Dog offers a SAMPLE ESA letter your Dr. may refer to when writing such a letter.