Registering and Certifying your ESA Online

There are dozens of websites with misleading names that sound like governmental agencies because they begin with “United States” or end with a “.org”. Many unsuspecting people with good intentions are turning to these company's to register and or certify their ESA because they feel it’s a legitimate national registry.

We are here to tell you that in fact there is absolutely NO national or governmental agency that records people using ESA’s. When you list your dog with these private companies you are simply entering you and your dog’s information within that companies database.

There is no airline, hotel, landlord or store that is going to “lookup” your animals information online simply because they know there is no legitimate database to do this type of search on.

Before you purchase identification for your ESA make sure the company is disclosing the facts about Registering your Emotional Support Dog.

There is nothing wrong or illegal about Registering your dog with any company as long as a company is not leading you to believe that it is a requirement, or worse they are representing their company as a governmental agency.

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