EZSling Small Dog Sling Carrier


The EZ sling was born from customer suggestions and their personal experiences involving the challenges when traveling with small working dogs.

This sling is designed for animals 13 pounds and under.

The sling was designed to allow a handler unrestricted movement to carry groceries or to show a license and boarding pass at an airport. In general, it makes every day travel a little less complicated. Using a traditional pet carrier can be difficult due to the weight and awkwardness of a crate. Our sling has the benefit for dogs that do not like being crated.

Ted , is one of those dogs that will not go into a crate and when forced to go in will let you know that he is very unhappy. Traveling with Ted in a crate on an airplane would not be a possible.

Much like a specialty shirt your dog may wear during thunderstorms or fireworks the EZ sling was designed with the same concept in mind. The sling is made from a jersey like material that creates a snug wrap around your dog creating a comforting and calming effect on your dog.

This carrier also features a safety collar attachment to keep your dog safe and secure.

Depending on where you live another advantage to the sling may be to keep your dog from burning his paws on hot pavement or keeping them from freezing on snow and ice.

Our sling can be used by all types of dogs, working or pet.

This sling includes a metal ring to attach either an ESA or Service Dog clip on tag.

It is simple to remove when not needed to identify your dog as working.

In general Service Dogs are meant to be on the ground walking beside their handler.

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act there are exceptions to that guideline. A dog may be carried or in a chest pack if the dog provides certain types of medical alert such as seizure alert, diabetic alert or medical alert.

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EZSling - Service Dog

EZSling - Emotional Support Dog

EZSling - Pet