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NOTE: Please review your order form - your custom identification will be printed exactly as you have entered it.


Although not a requirement a Registered Service Dog Certificate will help you with access issues when out with your service dog.

The Americans with Disability Act is very clear, you are not required to carry any identification with you to prove your dog is a service dog. The law is very clear, however that does not mean that business owners are clear about the law. Customers have requested that we carry a certificate for years now, finally it is available. Your dog’s appearance, manners and attire such as a vest and identification will help you avoid public doubt and conflict.

Your professional certificate package includes:

* LIFETIME REGISTRATION NUMBER LISTED WITHIN OUR DATABASE: our information and registration number will be stored within our secure database until requested by the owner/handler to be removed.

Half page sized certificate with embossed "Registered Service Dog" colored seal

Custom certificate with your name, your animal's name, date registered and certificate number

Free duplicate copy of your certificate

Professional "Registered Animal Documents" folder to carry your paperwork

Certificates do not have your animal's photo on them, you do not need to send a photo to complete your order

Complete line of accessories available - see photo above for details

NEW - Add an optional electronic certificate by email. Always have your document with you by saving the certificate to your smartphone.

* Electronic document will be emailed the day your order ships.

What is a Service Dog

Service dogs are specifically trained to help their disabled handler. These dogs are trained (professionally or self-trained) to perform a task for their handler such as, picking up items, guiding the blind, alerting them to medical issues etc. Service dogs have public access rights under the ADA law to enter public property with their disabled handler.


Item Number: WS-RSDCert