Autism Awareness Month


Autism Awareness Day is globally recognized on April 2nd 2020.

In April 1972 the Autism Society launched the first annual National Autism Awareness Month (NAAM). This was launched in an effort to promote nationwide awareness and to help those affected with autism to achieve the highest quality of life. April 2nd celebrates World Autism Day and was adopted by the United Nations in 2007.

During the month of April you will often hear about autism-oriented fundraisers, awareness presentations and autism-friendly events. There are hundreds of events and walks scheduled throughout the nation. These events are a fun way to help support these groups in their efforts to spread autism acceptance.

Puzzle pieces are the global symbol used to represent the Autism Spectrum Disorder. The Autism Society created this symbol to represent the diversity and the complexity of those on the spectrum. The bright colors represent hope for increased awareness, early intervention and comprehensive services to support individuals with autism to help them reach their full potential.

Wear blue on Autism Awareness Day to show support for The Light It Up Blue campaign. Watch out for local and national landmarks showing their support by changing their lighting to the color blue. Over 11,000 buildings have joined in, including the Empire State building in New York.  

Posting on facebook, Twitter and Instagram is an easy way to join or start a conversation. Popular hashtags used on Twitter and Instagram include. #autism #autismawareness #spectrum #asd

The first Autism Service Dog was trained in 1997 by National Service Dogs and placed with a child on the autism spectrum.

An autism service dog can help both children and adults perform daily life activities to help increase their sense of independence.