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ID Jacket / Cape

Price: $49.99
Item Number: P0P546

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Simple vest that coveres a large area of the dogs body. The purpose of this ID Jacket is to identify to the public that the dog is working and do not distract him/her. This ID Jacket has a lot of room for many patches, so it is very versatile to be used in several applications. It easily slips over the dogs head or opens in the front and straps around the girth of the dog. The chest and girth are both wide straps so the ID Jacket does not flop around the dog. The girth strap is adjustable and has a side release buckle. The front chest strap is also adjustable and has a wide Velcro closing. There are no rings, buckles, or pockets on this ID Jacket. The entire ID Jacket is bound with reflective binding for evening and early morning safety. The ID Jacket is lined giving it stability. The top of the ID Jacket has large embroidery in bold letters, which says; Please, THIS IS A WORKING DOG DO NOT DISTRACT. The ID Jacket will fit nearly any dog as it comes in 5 sizes, which is great feature for those training all ages and sizes of dogs. 


Girth Sizes




Large=29"- 35"

Girth extenders available item number 707589 
XSmall and Small uses Girth extender 1.5"
Medium, Large and XLarge uses Girth extender 2" (2)


This ID jacket comes embroidered "Please, THIS IS A WORKING DOG DO NOT DISTRACT".


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