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Compression Bite Sleeve

Price: $179.00
Item Number: Sleeve500

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This Air Compression Bite Sleeve is made with a bite bar that will form itself back after the bite. This compression bite bar sleeve is a great training tool because it motivates and rewards the dog with a satisfying springy bite.
The cuff and base of this sleeve are both leather. We have chosen to build our sleeves with all leather cuffs in the old world tradition.
Plastic cuffs are faster and cheaper to produce but just don’t huge your arm and form to you like a leather cuff will. A leather cuff will give you the comfort and ease of working in that a stiff plastic cuff fails to do.
We use heavy 11 oz. latigo leather of the best grade.
The inner barrel of this sleeve has a hard formed base that is leather suede covered on the exterior and padded on the inside.
Stress points are reinforced and padded for comfort and ease of use.
Sleeve covers sold separately in jute or synthetic.


Spring Back Air Bite Bar

Available for right or left arm